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Allow Professional Grounds the honor of identifying and installing beautiful plantings that will both thrive in and enhance your landscape. Many homeowners find it a challenge to create an enjoyable and practical landscape or garden without a strong understanding of their property’s elemental exposures such as light and water sources and growing limitations such as their property’s soil conditions. Professional Grounds will introduce you to a wide variety of appealing plant options that will be highly suited for longevity, enhancing your outdoor areas and increasing curb appeal to create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Our licensed horticulturists, agronomists and landscape designers work with a variety of plant options that integrate your personal style and desired functionality to create the perfect landscape design.  Whether your landscape needs are as straightforward as incorporating plantings to create privacy from your neighbor or as extensive as installing a large English garden on your estate, Professional Grounds has the resources and professional talent to bring your desires to life in a long-lasting landscape.

Some of the popular planting ideas and designs our client’s request include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Natives: A native landscape incorporates plants that are adapted to the region in which you live. This approach is extremely beneficial in preserving resident wildlife and very practical as well.  Native plants experience far fewer complications with pests, disease and even drought.  When used in lieu of exotic invasive plantings, a native garden helps to preserve the natural heritage of the area in which they grow. Creating an environment that attracts butterflies or birds introduces a new opportunity for you to find nature right in your back yard and as well as providing an educational and fun landscape for kids.
  • Zen: The Zen garden was originally produced using different types of ‘dry’ elements such as rock, sand and gravel to imitate the intimate essence of nature, particularly water, and serves as a means to assist in reflection and meditation. Our modern-day Zen garden designs typically incorporate the use of real water components such as waterfalls, streams or ponds or can be designed using the original concepts with only dry elements depending on your personal style and preference.
    Zen gardens are typically designed to represent all four seasons. A landscape in this design will transform but always have an interest for each.
  • Deer Tolerant: Clients located in areas where deer damage their landscape need options to maintain a physically appealing landscape without the constant nuisance of damaged plantings.  Luckily, there are many options available to incorporate into a design which deer will generally avoid. This approach can save you the added expense and headache of continual plant replacement or unsightly damaged plantings in your landscape.
  • Screening or Hedging: There are a multitude of plants, both evergreen and deciduous, which are excellent for screening unwanted views, enhancing and defining spaces, or creating more outdoor privacy.

Some more of our residential design build services include:

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