Leaf Management

Commercial Leaf removal Mclean, VA

Leaf removal is performed on our commercial properties starting in early fall and is designed to remove the maximum amount of leaves from your property each visit. A typical property in our area will require anywhere from one to four visits per season. Our crews perform leaf management services efficiently and thoroughly to ensure your property looks its best.

There has been increased concern over the disposal of leaves and property debris because of limited landfill space. Consistent with environmental recommendations, our general practice is to distribute leaves in large natural areas within your site when feasible. An added benefit of this process is to contribute to the natural replenishment of soil nutrients in these areas. Additionally, we mulch a small amount of leaves within the turf at the time we mow. This is optimal for your turf to provide valuable organic matter and slow release organic nutrients which improves turfgrass health and development. Check out our blog on Mowing Leaves if you would like to learn more about the benefits of this practice.