Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living spaces are a wildly popular concept in home renovation. These outdoor extensions of your indoor living space are designed to create a whole new way of living and entertaining. Installations often incorporate both masonry and carpentry in their design and construction. The most well designed outdoor living spaces have a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor areas to create additional living space for enjoying your time outdoors.

The scale of outdoor living spaces vary greatly depending on the size of your property and your specific lifestyle and budget. Most outdoor living spaces will incorporate a grill, bar or serving area, fireplace or fire-pit and seating. Some of our favorite large-scale projects have included fully-equipped kitchens, media centers, pools, and pavilions that have year-round, outdoor climate control! We design and install outdoor living spaces that can be as elaborate or conservative as you desire, always keeping your lifestyle and budget in mind.

Some of our Outdoor Living features include:

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