patio mclean, VAYour backyard is your personal sanctuary and should be custom tailored to suit your lifestyle. Your investment in a backyard patio will provide you with endless years of enjoyment. When you work with Professional Grounds, we ensure your patio is installed properly so that your backyard entertainment area is sound, leveled properly and secure for years and years of outdoor entertainment. When designed and installed properly, your patio will be as beautiful ten years later just as it was when first installed.

We work with top quality materials to design and create the perfect patio to compliment your home. Are you under the impression that your outdoor space is too restricted to incorperate a proper sized patio? You will be blown away with our ability to maximize small spaces. Once you have your new patio, you will want to spend all your time outside enjoying your new addition to your living space!

Professional Grounds has over 40 years of experience installing patios in the Northern Virginia area which is important because improper installation or design mistakes could lead to water drainage problems, significant damage to your home, uneven surfaces that have settled and crumbling stone or brick. These are problems you will never face when you allow Professional Grounds to be responsible for your property.

Below are a few of the material choices for patios:

flagstone patio


A Natural Stone that comes in many colors and sizes. We most commonly use Pennsylvania Flagstone in a random rectangular patterns. This stone can be installed on concrete or a compacted sub-base.

brick and flagstone walkway fairfax, VA


Integrating materials into your hardscape design is a great way to add interest to your outdoor space. Combining texture, shape and color will create a unique look that especially compliments homes with brick exterior.

irregular flagstone


A natural stone that comes in big “broken” or irregular sizes.  Once installed, irregular flagstone gives a more pieced-together appearance than that of regular rectangular flagstone which fits together at 90 degree angles.  Like it’s regular counterpart, irregular flagstone can be installed on concrete or a compacted sub-base.

Paver patio


Manufactured interlocking concrete pavers comes in countless sizes, colors, patterns and styles. Pavers are generally installed on compacted sub-base with an edge restraint and are permeable to resist water puddling. The edge restraints and interlockability keep the pavers from shifting and causing uneven surfaces on your patio.

Brick patio


Brick paving stones come in different colors but their size is always consistent. The brick used for the construction of a home will differ slightly in appearance from the brick used for walkways.  Most often, the exact brick color of your home will not be available in brick paving stone unless your house was recently constructed but the great news is that we can work with you to find a comparable color or create a design to compliment your brick home beautifully!

Size Considerations:
When planning for your patio, size is of utmost importance. The rule of thumb is you need 100 square feet for four adults to comfortably sit around a table. That is a 10’ x 10’ area. If you have large parties on your patio, you would want to give each person three square feet for mingling and socializing, so a 10’x 10’ patio would comfortably fit 30 people (standing, with little or no furniture).

Style and Function:
Your patio should be an extension of your home for outdoor living. Before you meet with a designer, think about how you use your space. For instance, if you often have large gatherings, square footage and built in seating such as seat walls are ideal. If you mainly use your patio to watch your kids play, keep the patio smaller in order to maximize your lawn space for play.

Professional Grounds will keep your sense of style, the architecture of your home and your family’s lifestyle at the forefront of their design when planning our outdoor living space.