Playground Maintenance & Construction

Professional Grounds offers playground maintenance and construction services. We have designed and built many community playgrounds throughout Northern Virginia and offer Tot Lot Chip Installation and replenishment services using OSHA, County Approved “Wood Carpet” Tot Lot Chips. Most communities refresh their Tot Lot Chips on an annual basis with two inches of fresh “Wood Carpet” material to keep a safe and comfortable level of ground cover around the playground structure. Newly installed tot lots or tot lots which have not had chip material replenished on a regular basis could require significantly more material to meet compliance. We are happy to inspect your ground cover levels and make recommendations for your community.

Additionally, we can install/replace playground perimeter surfaces using landscape timbers or plastic composite. We offer grading or regrading for tot lots to promote better drainage and install drainage within new and existing playground structures. We offer a number of services to remedy most any playground or Tot Lot issues.