Snow Management

commercial snow removal northern VA

When you choose Professional Grounds to perform your snow removal, you are hiring an experienced snow management team who has been providing unparalleled response and service for over 40 years. With offices in Lorton and Manassas, we are ideally located to ensure our ability to rapidly respond to storms throughout Northern Virginia. We have made sure to procure the proper equipment to handle any size storm. We take great pride in our snow management operations and believe no one handles winter weather better, or more safely, than Professional Grounds.

Lead by our Vice President of Operations with over 30 years of industry experience, our snow equipment operators are highly trained and experienced. We equip our vehicles with real-time GPS systems to allow us to be constantly aware of our crew’s locations, to be able to work around traffic and road closures, and stay on top of the storm by dispatching crews to new areas as they come under greater storm intensity.

snow services Fairfax countyWe will never overbook our snow removal operations or sign on more accounts than we can service. We set strict limits for the number of contracts we will take each year and once we reach our limit, we close our availability for snow service to any property without a contract. This ensures we can handle all that nature brings our way for our loyal clients, even during major storms. We employ enough personnel to work around the clock on regular shifts to ensure all operators are alert and mindful, taking everyone’s safety into consideration.

Communication with our clients is essential during snow operations. We ensure our clients are aware of our plans for any potential winter weather by sending e-mails before every storm to let them know of the potential weather concerns, and our “plan of attack” should the storm materialize. During the storm, we stay in touch by email to keep our clients updated on our snow management progress. Furthermore, our snow removal clients have the direct mobile number of their assigned Area Manager to keep them informed throughout the winter weather event. This is especially helpful should we lose power and ability to communicate by email.


  • Plowing. Professional Grounds offers plowing services of all HOAs and commercial properties.
  • Sanding/Salting. Professional Grounds offers a 50/50 mixture of sand and ice melt to apply to streets and roadways. This service is much more effective than applications of sand alone.
  • Sidewalk Services. Professional Grounds offers snow removal for sidewalks using handheld and walk behind snow blowers. An application of one of our high quality ice melt products can be applied to sidewalks.
  • Specialty Services. Professional Grounds can provide and handle all your specialty snow removal requests. Should you need pre-treatment of roads or sidewalks, relocation of snow using loaders or bobcats, or offsite snow relocation services using dump trucks, no job is too big or specialized.


Professional Grounds uses only high quality ice melt products. A four way blend of Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride provides rapid melting down to below zero degrees. We also use only dyed products making the application readily visable to our customers. At PGI, we use only the best icemelts available! Icemelts are available in granular, rounded, and flake consistencies but we use only the highest quality three to four way blended granular products. The reason for this is because flakes do not have longevity and quickly melt and round icemelts are prone to literally blow, roll away or cause slip hazards.

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