Tree & Shrub Pruning

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Pruning is a very subjective item and an extremely important part of any landscape management contract. Professional Grounds follows all industry standards, and goes above to implement our own strict quality control standards that must be met for properly pruning trees and shrubs. The type of pruning done on a property will be tailored to that specific property’s needs.

Types of Pruning:

  • Shearing – Preformed when formalized hedges are present.
  • Thinning – Increases air and light penetration and encourages new growth.
  • Heading back – Controls the growth of some plants.
  • Regenerative Pruning– includes major thinning, removal of mature canes, and reduction in overall size of plant material. This is typically only done in late winter and where reducing the overall size of mature plants is desired. It can be done to almost all shrubs with the exception of needled evergreens.
  • Limbing up – Allows access and/or improves symmetry.
  • Sucker removal – Improves plant vigor.
  • Deadwooding – Improves appearance, safety, and general plant health.

There are a number of other considerations to take when pruning such as growth habits, flowering periods, and even personal preference. Each of these pruning methods are not needed at all sites. Flowering shrubs will be pruned as appropriate for species and flowering season.