Turf Applications & Weed Control

sod installation northern virginia

Professional Grounds offers a complete line of services to ensure proper turf care, including weed control, fertilization and liming. A properly administered applications program is the key to a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

Beginning with the analysis of a soil test, Professional Grounds will then recommend an application schedule starting with a Pre-emergent in the spring to prevent unwanted weeds in your turf (such as crab and goosegrass). Applications made post-emergently are applied in the late spring and summer to treat broadleaf weeds like dandelions and chick weed. Fertilizer is then used in the spring and fall to provide a continual source of nutrients to keep the turf green and healthy.

Applications of Lime may be used to balance the amount of free hydrogen in the soil. A pH of around 6.8, which represents the measurement of available hydrogen levels, is important as it provides the optimum availability of nutrients to the turf. If your pH is too low, key micronutrients may not be accessible to the turf, thus affecting it’s overall health and development. At Professional Grounds we use a highly specialized product called Solu-Cal. This product has four times the activity of conventional sources of lime allowing for a more rapid response and quicker correction of pH within the soil structure.

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