Walkways, Driveways & Entries

Your walkway is often the first element of your property people notice when arriving at your home simply because they are looking for the path to your front door. Imagine having a walkway that reflects the beauty of your home. A new walkway allows you to incorporate your personal style and set the tone for visitors before they ever enter your home.

Most homeowners inherit a “builders special” 3-foot wide linear concrete walkway. That builers special serves the purpose of getting visitors to your front door but it offers no style or curb appeal. We enjoy incorporating most any material options for walkway installation from stone to paver to brick. We are able to incorporate most any style and design to compliment your home’s exterior, including those needing special access accommodations such as handicap accessibility or railing. Professional Grounds will keep your sense of style, the architecture of your home and your family’s lifestyle at the forefront of their design when planning the entrance to your home.

A few of the major components for you to consider when you work with us to redesign and install a new walkway include your personal preference of: materials, size and style/form.



A Natural Stone that comes in many colors and sizes. We most commonly use Pennsylvania Flagstone in a random rectangular pattern. It can be installed on concrete or a compacted sub-base.

paver driveway mclean, va


A manufactured interlocking concrete block that comes in countless sizes, colors, patterns and styles. Pavers are generally installed on compacted sub-base with an edge restraint. The edge restraints and interlockability keep the pavers from shifting, keeping the look crisp and even.

brick walkway arlington, VA


Brick paving stones come in different colors but their size is always consistent. The brick used for the construction of a home differ in appearance from the brick used for walkways.  Most ofteb, the brick color of your home will not be available in brick paving stone unless your house is very new but the great news is that we can work with you to find a comparable color or create a design to compliment your brick home beautifully!

When planning for a new walkway you want to make sure you offer your family and friends a comfortable area to walk. A 5-foot wide walkway is large enough for two adults to walk side by side without jockeying for position. This is the size most clients choose but if you have space limitations or prefer something different we can incorporate your needs into just about anything.

Style and Form:
Your walkway should be a reflection of your style while retaining functionality and practicality.  Humans, by nature, take the straightest path from point A to point B. Having a walkway with too much curve or using harsh right angles may seem awkward to walk on.  By designing walkways with subtle curvature and keep sharp angles to a minimum we can create a unique walkway that will compliment your home and property.