By Stephanie Trimmer, Professional Grounds, Inc.

A lush, green lawn is very appealing. To maintain a well-manicured lawn it takes time and quite a bit of work. If you are reading this blog, you are either already putting in that hard work or maybe you are here looking for resources to assist you with that task. You have come to the right place!  Here are some fascinating facts about Turfgrass to remind you why a healthy lawn is important!

1. Eight average homes lawns have the same cooling effect as 24 home central air conditioning units!

2. A 2500 sq. foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four each day.

3. 90 % of the weight of a grass plant is in the roots and the grass clippings are 90% water by weight!

4. A 10,000 sq. ft. lawn will contain: 6 grass plants per square inch, 850 per square foot, and 8.5 million total plants!

5. The front lawns of 8 average homes has the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning; whereas the average home a/c unit has 3 to 4 ton capacity.

6. On a hot summer day, lawns will be 30 degrees cooler than adjacent asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.

7. Turfgrass helps clean the air by entrapping particulate matter. Turfgrass traps 12 million tons of dust and dirt annually.

8. Turfgrass filters our water that percolates into ground water and healthy turf negates runoff.

9. A dense lawn is 6 times more effective than a wheat field and 4 times better than a hayfield at absorbing rainfall.

10. Grassed areas beside busy roads reduce noise by 8-10 decibels.

11. A well-manicured landscape can increase the value of your home by 15 %.

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