Contract Management Services

At Professional Grounds our top priority is You.

Our Landscape Management Contract Services can be tailored to exactly what your property needs. Pest problems? You’re covered.  Need full-service landscaping? You got it. Only need seasonal leaf and snow management? Anything is possible! 

We are able to provide these outstanding, scalable services because the backbone of Professional Grounds is our employees. When we contract with you to care for your commercial property or HOA, we aim to create a customer relationship that is collaborative, adaptable, and proactive.


At Professional Grounds we believe in a team approach to maintaining your property. When you contract with Professional Grounds, we assign an Area Manager to develop a relationship with you, to coordinate all contractual services, and to keep you informed on the work being performed on your property. Area Managers are a bridge between you and our production crews to ensure seamless, efficient service.


We have the ability to create a landscaping program tailored to your property’s exact needs. Whether you have a large scale HOA, demanding multiple crews and trucks, or a small commercial property requiring push mowers and hand pruning, we have the expertise, experience, and trained professionals on staff to handle the job.


Your Area Manager continually evaluates your property to ensure quality and brings issues to your attention as quickly as possible. We constantly monitor your landscape for issues instead of waiting for you to reach out with a concern. Problems such as insect infestation, storm damage, dead trees, and drainage concerns are best addressed sooner rather than later! All calls are returned by Area Managers promptly, and all work is completed quickly and accurately once approved.

Professional Grounds will be dedicated to help you, and to help meet your property’s needs!

You’ve Got Enough To Do. Let Us Handle It!

Pro Grounds’ full suite of services takes the stress out of property management.

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Pro Grounds services properties of all sizes and requirements, and will work with you to enhance your property and build value. Contact us today!