Bed Preparation & Mulching

Are you prepping your outdoor sites before the growing season? We can help you build a solid foundation for a great growing season.

Just like stretching before exercise, preparing turf and bed areas for the growing season is essential to the growth and health of plants. In late winter or early spring, we perform general spring clean-up for turf and bed areas, which includes cutting back the appropriate perennials. Once clean-up is complete, all beds and tree rings are neatly edged, hand-weeded, and treated with a pre-emergent to stop new weed growth prior to installing fresh mulch.

Our top priority is to ensure your plantings are cared for using the best techniques in order to help them thrive. This means that we don’t necessarily mulch every bed, every year. Beds that were mulched in previous years will be mulched with 2” of double-shredded hardwood. However, certain tree species, such as Pine, will not be spade edged or mulched unless requested, as their own pine needles often serve as the best mulch. As a landscaping best practice, Professional Grounds does not over-mulch or create mulch volcanoes. Occasionally, we will recommend removing excessive mulch that has been used on a landscape, as this is detrimental to the plants’ overall health.

We use both traditional double-shredded hardwood mulch and brown dyed mulch, based on your preference. Brown Dyed mulch is infused with a non-toxic brown pigment (stain) which keeps a more dark, fresh appearance than traditional double shredded hardwood mulch. Whichever you prefer, we will make sure that your beds are prepped and freshly mulched to take on a new season!

Don’t let your property get overgrown! At Pro Grounds, we’ll help you stay on top of it.

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