Annual Planing & Seasonal Color

Bring your landscape to life. Our landscape design experts can recommend the ideal plantings to perfect your landscape.

One of the most appreciable and eye-catching augmentations you can add to your landscaping program is seasonal plantings. Professional Grounds installs plantings of annuals in colors designed to reflect the natural beauty of the season and the essential elements of your landscape. This is one of the most simple and savvy ways to improve the look and color of the outdoor space on your property.

Traditionally, ‘annuals’ are plants that have an expected lifespan of one growing season. Our practice is to begin in the fall with annuals which will live through the late spring in our area, and then we replace these plantings in May with mid-season summer hardy plants to brighten your landscape. This provides an opportunity to rejuvenate your surroundings with a fresh, vibrant look every growing season.

We consider the site’s conditions before selecting your annuals, including sunlight, shade, rainfall, and climate. It is important that the annuals we plant will thrive at your site, so we prepare the site with a tiller, soil conditioner, and mulch. We also offer bulb plantings at the same time annuals are planted to extend and enhance color throughout the season.

Most annuals need a daily supply of water to perform at their best.If your irrigation system needs servicing or you would like us to install a sprinkler or irrigation system, we would be happy to provide an estimate to install a sprinkler system.

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