Drainage Solutions

Keeping water where you need it – not where you don’t. Professional Grounds provides custom installation plans to ensure long-term solutions to common drainage problems.

Professional Grounds, Inc. is known as the drainage expert in Fairfax County, Arlington County, and Alexandria, VA. Our expertise covers common and uncommon drainage problems such as standing water, flooding, soggy lawns, and storm water run-off. We also specialize in larger projects such as culverts, retention ponds, and negative grade scenarios. Our drainage solutions will provide you with a permanent, no-maintenance solution at the lowest price possible.

Having designed and installed drainage systems at thousands of commercial sites in the Northern Virginia area, we have the experience to provide solutions for any drainage issues without installing or adding materials or components that a property doesn’t require. This approach, along with the volume of drainage work we perform, allows us to be one of the most competitively priced drainage solution companies in our area.

Here are some examples of different types of drainage work offered by Professional Grounds:

Catch Basin Drainage System


The most commonly used drain pipe in our industry is the 4” corrugated ADS pipe, or black pipe. It is widely used because of it flexibility and ease of use. In most situations, this is fine. However, it should not be used, but is widely used, by other contractors to extend and relocate the water from your gutters. Pro Grounds knows that 4-inch corrugated ADS pipes clog much easier than smooth pipes when attached to a gutter, and that is why we recommend and use smooth pipes when connecting to a gutter when possible. Catch basins are used when you are collecting an excessive amount of running water after a rainstorm. The idea of this is to channel the water underground instead of causing erosion above ground.

Gutters and Drain Spouts


Builders tend to leave the downspouts right next to the foundation, which isn’t smart especially if you have a negative grade back to your structure. The last thing you want is water sitting at the foundation of your structure, so it is important to channel the water away from your foundation to a more suitable area that slopes away from your house. It is important to use a smooth drain pipe or leaves will clog the drain. In practice, 95% of drainage “experts” use corrugated pipe for its “convenience”, but the convenience is for them – not for the homeowner.

Swahle and Culvert Drainage


A swale is a natural grass or stone area designed to channel water to a more appropriate area. If possible, this is a more desirable option than catch basins and pipes. Culverts are used in conjunction with swales when you need to maintain your slope when a driveway or road crosses your swale. Culverts are made out of solid steel or aluminum. Obviously, these situations are not common, but Pro Grounds is ready when they occur!

French Drain Systems


A French drain is a perforated pipe that is surrounded by gravel and then surrounded by a geofabric material. A geofabric material prevents soil from entering your French drain and clogging it, but allows water to easily pass through. When installed correctly, a French drain that is 20 years old will be just as effective as one installed today. French drains are ideal when standing water is present and perform best when a biofiltration soil mix is used on top of the French drain. Biofiltration soil is not commonly used by other contractors, but the French drain will be much more effective when it is used.

Dry Well Drainage Systems


Dry wells store water underground and slowly leach the water back into the soil to prevent pollution from entering the stream. A dry well can also play a major role in resolving drainage problems when no other solutions are possible.

Channel Drain Systems


Channel drains are used in driveway and pool applications when needed. If your property has a garage building below a driveway, or a patio connecting a building to a pool, a channel drain will be needed to prevent water from flooding the buildings. Shown is an ACO drain that was used on a job in Clifton, VA. This specific channel drain makes it possible for water to slope away from your building and/or your pool at the same time.

Dry Stack Retaining Wall


Regrading is the simplest form of redirecting water and often the most cost effective solution to solving drainage issues. Many times it is not possible because of your surrounding properties, but it is an often overlooked solution. Using equipment, we can change the grade and direction of water flow at your property with permanent results.

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