Mowing Services

The crown jewel of any landscape is a beautiful, healthy, well-maintained lawn. Pro Grounds can make sure your property shines!

Let us take the guesswork out of mowing services. Rather than waiting until your grass is knee-high, Pro Grounds will visit your property regularly from late March through November to perform mowing services, including trimming and edging. Onsite mowing visits are scheduled on a 7-10 day rotation. Based on current weather conditions and seasonal growth fluctuations, we will be onsite more often to ensure your turf is receiving the level of attention it requires.

At the beginning of each mowing, we will remove trash and debris from turfgrass areas. If this is a big problem on your property, we offer more large scale cleanup services as well. When mowing, we insure the turfgrass is cut at an optimal height based upon species and time of year. Clippings can be bagged or mulched. We prefer to mulch clippings, when possible, to reintroduce valuable nutrients and organic matter back to the turf.

At the end of each mowing visit, clippings, dirt, and debris will be removed from all sidewalks, patios, and other hard surfaces. Additionally, mulch beds will be hand-weeded or sprayed with non-selective weed control. When necessary, non-selective herbicides will also be applied to cracks in paved areas throughout the growing season to curb weed growth. Our seasoned landscaping teams complete mowings with efficiency and accuracy.

Don’t let your property get overgrown! At Pro Grounds, we’ll help you stay on top of it.

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