Emergency Response Team

Our emergency response team (ERT) is set up to rapidly address all landscape emergencies, from storms to leaks to all kinds of mishaps.

Professional Grounds’ ERT program is set up to quickly respond to an emergency situation that may happen at your property. Our team of professionals have the ability to arrive at a property–typically within hours of receiving initial report of the damage–to assess the damages and make recommendations of how to remedy the problems.

If you have contracted Landscape Maintenance Services with us, you will always have a direct line to your Area Manager. Simply reach out to your Area Manager with a description of the problem and its urgency, and we will dispatch a crew to handle it. Our Area Managers are in constant contact with our crews and property managers to oversee and ensure all work is completed as requested.

Types of Emergencies We Handle:

Downed Trees Sometimes its due to infestation, rot, or simply a strong storm. If your downed tree is on power lines or somewhere dangerous, we will work within county regulations and strict safety standards to get your property back in action.

Debris Cleanup Sometimes, in high traffic areas, your property needs a little extra attention. Our ERT specialists regularly answer calls to remove dangerous or unsanitary debris, garbage, and otherwise from client properties.

Drainage Problems & Flooding Sometimes, you spring a leak! We can be onsite in hours to help address damages caused by flooding, and to set up drainage solutions to prevent further catastrophe.

Car Accidents If your property is near a major road or highway, you know the instant damage a car or truck accident can cause. We are ready at a moment’s notice to repair structural or design issues caused by accidents on your property.

Don’t face a financial set back because of property damage that’s out of your hands! Professional Grounds’ ERT support gives you the peace of mind to know that you’re covered, even in a crisis.

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