By Stephanie Trimmer, Professional Grounds, Inc.

Fall is the ideal time to seed your lawn. There are different techniques for seeding and depending on your turf’s needs there may be more than one technique that will work best for your grass. Terraseeding is a relatively new seed establishment process. Terraseeding should not be confused with “Hydroseeding”. The process of Terraseeding incorporates several time consuming steps into one easy application and is very cost effective for larger turf areas. Terraseeding improves the soil and provides an excellent growing medium for newly establishing seedlings by combining a blend of topsoil, enriched compost, grass seed, and fertilizer. Since the material is blow in it eliminates the need for hauling of soil, leveling and raking, seeding by hand, fertilizing and topdressing over the seed. Since all of these steps can be performed simultaneously, the cost is quite economical when compared with other aggressive renovation methods. Additional Benefits of Terraseeding :

  • Seed is planted, rather than exposed on the surface, and many different types of seed can be planted (i.e grass, wildflower etc.)
  • Germination is increased due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed. Plus, the seed is in direct contact with the soil.
  • The ‘blown-in’ application levels the rough grade of sub-soil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil. This is very effective for filling in patchy areas and thin spots within the lawn.

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